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Reduce your risk at work with anti-slip footwear

People whose workplace includes slippery or wet floors should opt for anti-slip safety boots or safety shoes. Wet, slippery floors and uneven surfaces are common hazards for work safety, but the proper water resistant work boots or safety joggers will dramatically reduce the risk.

Workplace injuries such as sprains, strains and broken bones can be avoided by wearing appropriate safety work boots. Quality anti-slip safety boots and safety shoes provide maximum grip, optimum traction and all-round foot and ankle support, without restricting movements required for performing precision work.


Work Boots & Footwear

RSEA offers a great range of safety footwear from steel cap, lace-up to zip sided work boots. Our Australian safety boot brands include Steel Blue, Oliver, and Blundstone.

When you're on the job, you need the right work safety boots. Not every job requires the same protection, so the type of boot you need varies according to your profession.

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Footwear Accessories

Keeping your work boots clean can be quite the task, and busy Australian workers demand convenient solutions. Safety boots are an investment worth making, and the addition of a safety boots maintenance kit will keep your high quality Blundstone, Bata, Steel Blue, Redback or other work boots in top condition. Important maintenance products include waterproofers, polishing kits, replacement laces and over-boots for preventing foreign materials entering your zipsider or lace-up work boots.

A waterproofer is ideal for people who own leather, nubuck leather, or suede work boots. Even though high quality work boots are manufactured to resist and repel the elements, leather work boot waterproof capability will eventually require strengthening, and RSEA Safety has the answers.


Many Australians suffer from physical strains and pains caused by wearing non-safety work shoes that provide little support. Problems can also occur when wearing tough and rigid steel cap safety boots when a basic safety jogger or soft work shoe would be preferable. The right work shoes or safety boots should also deliver optimum footbed support for long term satisfaction. RSEA Safety shoes and work boots are manufactured with supporting outer soles, and we also provide fitted, removable and washable footbeds for maximum comfort and all-day freshness.


What are the best work boots in Australia?

The RSEA Safety Work Boots collection is second to none for Australian workers who prioritise safety. Our range includes lace up work boots, zip sided safety boots and steel cap, composite cap and scuff cap safety work boots. We have men's work boots and women's work boots for people who work in proximity to electrical hazards, and water resistant safety shoes that Australian tradies appreciate. In other words, RSEA Safety has the best work boots in Australia for your specific industry or employment application.

What are the most comfortable work boots?

Comfort is a matter of personal style and work performance at RSEA Safety. Great comfort work boot options include high-cut lace up boots from Steel Blue, mid-cut safety boots from Wolverine, zip sided Blundstone bump cap work boots in smooth nubuck leather, and elastic sided rubber safety boots for working close to electrical hazards. Comfort is a high priority at RSEA Safety and it is worth taking the time to explore the most comfortable work boots from Carhartt, Bata, Redback, FXD, King Gee, Mack, Mongrel, Hard Yakka and other iconic workwear brands.

What are the lightest work boots?

Lightweight work boots are the right option in certain occupations, and RSEA Safety has what you are looking for. Examples of lightest work boots that don't sacrifice strength and durability include slip-on safety sports shoes from Oliver, Air-Knit safety joggers from redDUST, and water resistant Cambridge work shoes from Shoes For Crews.

The choices are all yours at RSEA Safety for shopping online or in person at any of our 50+ Superstores around Australia. If shopping online, simply make a wishlist, add products to your shopping cart, and proceed to checkout for speedy delivery to your door. At RSEA Safety, we offer afterpay, gift cards and safety work boot special deals that will ensure your feet are protected on the job at all times.