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You can find a multitude of options for Hearing Protection on our website. Hearing PPE will provide you with benefits such as noise reduction, elevated comfort and continuous wear, with the level of protection available for low to high work noise - suitable for all industries from landscaping to industrial. You will always find the right Hearing Protection at RSEA Safety Online with our variety of styles including earmuffs, earplugs, earplug dispensers, uncorded, banded, headband, neckband & more, and all from the brands you trust like Sperian, Blue Rapta, Moldex, 3M™ EAR™, 3M™ Peltor™, Scott Safety, Uvex, UniSafe and Howard Leight.

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Guide to AUS/NZ Hearing Protection Standards

Noise induced hearing loss cannot be cured, it must be prevented. The damaging effects of noise can accumulate, even if an employee’s ear protection is only removed for a few minutes every day. As 100% wear time is essential, selecting the correct hearing protection is of the utmost importance. When selecting the correct hearing protection the following Australian Standards should be referred to.

AS/NZS 1269.0

Occupational Noise Management - Overview and General Requirements

This Standard provides an overview of the AS/NZS 1269 series and general requirements on occupational noise management. The series deals with noise as it affects hearing, but does not deal with other effects of noise. It also provides an integrated approach to establishing, implementing and evaluating an occupational noise management program

Standards Australia AS/NZS 1269.0 Occupational noise management - Overview and general requirements - SAI Global.

AS/NZS 1269.1

Occupational Noise Management - Measurement and Assessment of Noise Emission and Exposure

This Standard sets out requirements for, and provides guidance on, the types of noise assessments which may be necessary and the suitable noise measuring instruments to carry the noise assessments out. The type of measuring instruments and procedures to be used for the measurement of noise levels will depend on such factors as the type of workplace, type of noise, work patterns and information required.

Standards Australia AS/NZS 1269.1 Occupational noise management - Measurement and assessment of noise emission and exposure - SAI Global.

AS/NZS 1269.2

Occupational Noise Management - Noise Control Management

This Standard provides requirements and guidance on the management of noise control in occupational settings and applies to all types of workplaces and to all types of sounds.

Standards Australia AS/NZS 1269.2 Occupational noise management - Noise control management - SAI Global.

AS/NZS 1269.3

Occupational Noise Management - Hearing Protector Program

This Standard specifies the administrative responsibilities associated with a hearing protector program; the selection, use and maintenance of various types of hearing protectors; and training and motivation in regards to hearing protector programs.

Standards Australia AS/NZS 1269.3 Occupational noise management - Hearing protector program - SAI Global.

AS/NZS 1269.4

Occupational Noise Management - Auditory Assessment

This Standard specifies procedures and requirements for air conduction pure tone audiometry without masking that is applicable to individuals whose hearing sensitivity might be adversely affected by occupational noise exposure or ototoxic agents.

Standards Australia AS/NZS 1269.4 Occupational noise management - Auditory assessment - SAI Global.