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Height Safety Equipment at RSEA Safety Online - The Safety Experts
For the best possible protection against falling, we have a wide range of PPE to provide a safe working environment. Our harness kits can include rear fall arrest, front fall arrest, padded waist band, rear fall arrest extension strap, adjustable legs and shoulder straps, hi-vis webbing and trauma relief straps. You will always find the right Height Safety Equipment at RSEA Safety Online with our variety of products including roof kits, anchor straps, rope adjusters, body harnesses, wrist lanyards, body harnesses & more, and all from the brands you trust like Spanset and Miller.
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1065017 SpanSet® 1100 ERGO Full Body Fall Arrest Harness
1065021 SpanSet® 6001 Roofers Safety Kit
1065028 SpanSet® ERGO General Purpose Energy Absorbing Lanyard 3053
1065056 SpanSet® ERGO Energy Absorbing Lanyard With Scaffold Hook 3055
1065151 SpanSet® 1107 ERGOiplus Full Body Fall Arrest Harness w/ Padded Waistband
1065154 SpanSet® Suspension Trauma Relief Straps
1065308 SpanSet® ERGO Twin Leg Elastic Lanyard 3058E
1065326 SpanSet® 3m Saverline Fall Arrest Block FAB3W-0 SVLB-3
1065390 SpanSet® 1100 SPECTRE Tradie Full Body Harness
1065587 SpanSet® 1150 SPECTRE EWP Full Body Harness w/ Lanyard
1141016 SKYLOTEC CS 2 Industrial Harness G-AUS-0902
1141026 SKYLOTEC ARG 30 Industrial Harness G-AUS-0030
1141030 SKYLOTEC Roof Workers Back Pack Kit SET-AUS-0006
1141032 SKYLOTEC 21mm Steel Triple Action Karabiner 30kN H-051
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1141034 SKYLOTEC 3M 30mm Aluminium Triple Action Karibiner 22kN H-137-TRI
1141036 SKYLOTEC Temporary Horizontal Lifeline L-0329
90647 Miller® TurboLite™ 2m Twistlock Karabiner/Scaffold Hook Fall Arrestor MFL-2/2M-AUS
90718 Miller® Roof Worker Back Pack Kit M1070014
BB56RH__ NV Broadbrim Ratchet Harness
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BFDFLEX_ SKYLOTEC BFD Y FLEX Twin Energy Absorbing Lanyard
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L0010___ SKYLOTEC Australia 35 kN Strap Loop Sling L0010
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