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Since 1870 Blundstone has made the toughest, no nonsense footwear for work and play. Whilst Blundstone is known for its iconic elastic sided boots worldwide, their extensive range includes gumboots, lace-up safety footwear for men & women, and heavy industrial footwear. Decades of innovative design and production have led the brand to where it is today – overseeing a global supply chain bringing together the best ideas, components and designs to complement a wide range of products for a wide variety of uses. Products are developed by a team based in Hobart who use the best resources available from all over the world to develop footwear which keeps pushing the boundaries to improve overall user comfort. Despite growing to become one of the world’s most recognisable boot brands, the company remains Tasmanian and retains its family values.
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B025____ Blundstone #025 Unisex Waterproof Safety Gumboots
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B311____ Blundstone #311 Unisex Elastic Sided Safety Boots
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B318____ Blundstone #318 Unisex Zip Up Series Safety Boots
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B405____ Blundstone #405 Unisex Elastic Sided Non-Safety Boots
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B8060___ Blundstone #8060 Unisex Rotoflex Zip Safety Boots
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B8063___ Blundstone #8063 Unisex Rotoflex Zip Safety Boots
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B8071___ Blundstone #8071 Unisex Rotoflex Zip Safety Boots
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B8560___ Blundstone #8560 Unisex Rotoflex Zip Safety Boots
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B8561___ Blundstone #8561 Unisex Rotoflex Zip Black Safety Boots
Was: $264.99 Now: $244.99
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B8860___ Blundstone #8860 Womens Rotoflex Zip Safety Boots
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B992____ Blundstone #992 Unisex Zip Up Safety Boots
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B997____ Blundstone #997 Unisex Zip Up Safety Boots
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B310____ Blundstone 310 Elastic Sided Rambler Safety Boots
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B793____ Blundstone Active Lightweight Safety Joggers 793
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FBEDCA__ Blundstone Comfort Arch Footbeds
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B795____ Blundstone Elasticated Laces L/Weight Safety Joggers 795
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B663____ Blundstone Non Safety E/Sided Dress Boots 663
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B024____ Blundstone Penetration Resistant Safety Gumboots 024
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B886____ Blundstone Women's Slip-On Safety Shoes 886
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B892____ Blundstone #892 Women's Safety Series Safety Boots
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Blundstone Boots

Australian workers deserve safety boots that work as hard as they do, like the RSEA range of Blundstone boots. Every Blundstone boot serves specific needs, including waterproof, Rotoflex, and elastic-sided designs that provide unbeatable work boot safety and comfort tailored for the entire workforce.

Are Blundstone Boots Made in Australia?

Blundstone is an Aussie icon, making work boots in Hobart, Tasmania for over 150 years. Today, Blundstone is a global brand with a reputation for premium Australian and international manufacturing, including 400,000 pairs of gumboots made in Tasmania each year. Blundstone boots at RSEA are designed and built for hardwearing Aussie workplace conditions.

Blundstone boots for men and women are bestsellers at RSEA. The Blundstone range includes safety boots, gumboots, executive footwear, and more, including:

  • Zip Side Safety boots
  • Elastic-sided safety boots
  • High-leg lace-up boots
  • Dress leather boots
  • Executive safety shoes
  • Safety gumboots
  • Safety joggers
  • Hiking boots
  • Safety ankle boots

Why are Blundstones so Popular?

With roots going back to 1870 in Tasmania, the Blundstone brand carries a prestigious legacy that adds to its appeal. At the worksite, on the farm, or even around the office, if you’re wearing Blundstone work boots, safety boots, hiking boots, or joggers, people will notice. When you buy Blundstones from RSEA, you’re choosing quality footwear at the right price. Here are seven factors that make Blundstones so popular with Australian men and women.
  1. Comfort: Impact absorption, layered soles, soft nubuck leather, and padded collars.
  2. Great designs: Work boots that are tailor-made for almost every occupation.
  3. Durability: Heavy duty zips, hazard resistance, steel toe caps, anti-bacterial, and more.
  4. Flexibility: On the job as workwear or after hours as dress boots - the choice is yours.
  5. Safety: Blundstone footwear meets stringent safety standards across many professions.
  6. Colours: Put your best foot forward in steel grey, antique brown, rustic black, and wheat tones.
  7. Value: The work boot features you expect at an affordable price.

Blundstone Boots Features

Blundstone is a work boot shoe brand that doesn’t stand still. The enduring popularity is the result of continued footwear innovation and research to meet workplace safety standards and progressive fashions. Blundstone boots are favoured for their contemporary designs, comfort-enhanced lining, slip resistance, and ability to repel sharp objects. Blundstones are ergonomic footwear with targeted toe and ankle protection for heavy-duty jobs, superstrength zips for lasting durability, and comfy insoles for workers who spend long hours on their feet.

Blundstone steel toe work boots specifically focus on protection. From the durable outer sole to the soft inner footbed, Blundstone takes workplace safety and foot protection to the next level of performance.

Lifespan of Blundstones

As with all work boots at RSEA, Blundstones are built to stand the test of time. They are created for a wide range of workplace and industrial applications, supported by footwear-focussed research, development, and manufacturing processes. The RSEA Blundstone collection includes durable and comfortable boots for miners, farmers, electricians, tradies, healthcare workers, emergency services personnel, and more.

Blundstone and RSEA also support Aussie tradespersons and professionals with an extensive range of boot accessories to ensure you get the most out of your boots for their entire lifespan. Our accessories collection includes:

Are Blundstones waterproof?

Waterproof work boots, gumboots, and safety shoes are essential for comfort and safety in many occupations. Check out Blundstone boots and shoes that have water-resistant and waterproof uppers, tongues, and collars that stop water from running through, along with hard-wearing soles and impenetrable leather to keep your feet dry in testing outdoor conditions.

For additional footwear protection, we also stock aerosol and silicone waterproofing sprays for leather or fabric shoes and boots. In addition to the waterproof and water-resistant qualities of RSEA’s Blundstone safety boots, they’re also manufactured to stop other hazards, including oil, acids, corrosive chemicals, heat, cold, and electrical currents.

Elastic-sided for total comfort and support

The elastic sided Blundstone Chelsea boot style is a familiar favourite all around Australia. These boots are as tough as they come, but specifically made for convenience and all-day comfort. They are easily recognised by their classic antique brown tone and premium leather upper. These are best-sellers for all the right reasons, including excellent support, easy-up pull tabs, and tradie-tough soles that can handle all-terrain action. RSEA Blundstone Chelsea Boots don’t weigh you down and will last throughout the day and right through to after-hours drinks with your workmates.

Best Blundstones for Women

Blundstone has evolved to include an extensive range of women’s and unisex boots and shoes. Here are a few of our best-sellers:
  • Unisex zip-side ankle-safety boots 984: The ideal boot for women who spend long hours on their feet in tough work environments. They include handy pull tabs and eyelet locking.
  • Women’s safety joggers 883: Created specifically for women, these anti-static shoes offer enhanced protection, comfort, and relief from foot fatigue in a range of workplaces.
  • Slip-on safety shoes 886: Safety is the number one priority, and these breathable lightweight leather shoes also come with comfort-enhanced padding, increased grip, and toe guards.
  • Black elastic safety boot 910: Quality protection with a non-slip design and heat resistance in tough industrial and outdoor conditions.
  • Nubuck boots 992: Classic work boots in a contemporary style with zip sides, a steel shank, and more special features that promote ultimate comfort.

Best Blundstones for Men

If a quality boot is on your wishlist, the RSEA Blundstone range is the perfect place to start your search. From humble Tasmanian origins, Blundstone has become a go-to workwear brand in Australia. Check out some of our best-sellers for men below and select using the colour and size guides to find the right Blundstone option for you.

Why wearing PPE is so Important

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is all about one thing - safety. PPE is equipment that helps limit or minimise risks to health and safety at work, around the home, or while enjoying recreational activities. PPE boots are frontline protection against sharp objects, heat, moisture, electricity, and invasive substances. They also promote better grip, prevent slips, and help reduce pain and fatigue. RSEA work boots are designed and manufactured to promote the highest levels of safety. Choose from:
Footwear is an important start, but PPE extends from head to toe. Take a little time to explore the extensive range of RSEA personal protective equipment for your:
We also stock a great range of products to keep you cool and hydrated, as well as protective equipment for welding, confined spaces, and height safety. Shop online or in-store at RSEA and stay safe.