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Join Our Team at RSEA Safety

Where Safety is a Way of Life

At RSEA Safety, we don't just prioritize safety, we live and breathe it as a core value. It's the foundation of everything we do and reflects in our commitment to our employees and customers.

Due to exciting growth and expansion, we are regularly recruiting staff for Retail, Sales, Distribution Centers, Hire, and our Support Offices.


Every Role, Every Person

A Vital Part of Our Success

We believe in the equal importance of every role at RSEA Safety.

Whether you're interacting with customers, managing logistics, or driving innovation behind the scenes, your contribution is vital.

At RSEA Safety, every team member plays a crucial role in our journey towards excellence.



Growth and Development

A Promise to Our Team

At RSEA Safety, we believe in nurturing talent from within.

Our commitment to career development means we actively consider our internal talent pool for new opportunities, ensuring that if you've proven your mettle in retail, for example, you could find exciting prospects in sales or join our dynamic support office team.

Our internal mobility is a testament to our belief in our people's potential and our dedication to their growth.


Explore Our Diverse Opportunities

Be Part of Something Bigger

Our business is built on the strength of its people, and we're proud to offer a variety of career paths across our dynamic departments. Whether your passion lies in Retail, Sales, Distribution Centers (DCs), Hire, or our Support Offices (Customer Service, IT, Marketing, Demand Planning, Finance, Fulfillment, HR, E-commerce), there's a place for you to shine at RSEA Safety.

If you're ready to be part of a team where safety is paramount, every role matters, and personal growth is guaranteed, we invite you to explore your next career move with us.

Join RSEA Safety and be part of a story that's all about people, progress, and protection.



Please submit your applications to or view our current job listings on SEEK.