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| Technical Support.

The below information is to provide a helpful guide on the most common technical problems. If at anytime you need to speak with us, please call 132 100 during the hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday AEST or use our online Contact Us form

The website won’t load correctly.

RSEA supports the latest versions of most major browsers for desktop and mobile, including Google Chrome, Firefox & Apple Safari. As Microsoft moves to phase out Internet Explorer, our site will not be optimized for future updates. If you are using Internet Explorer 8 or lower, please update your browser to receive a better experience.


What is a Web Browser?
A web browser is a piece of software on your computer that lets you visit web pages and use web applications. New versions of web browsers are released between once a month to once a year, your web browser will usually update to the latest version by itself, however some older browsers and browsers with restricted administration rights don't update which can cause problems for websites.

Ensure your Web Browser is Up to Date
The RSEA website has many interactive features with a level of complexity that requires a modern web browser. To ensure you receive the best experience using the RSEA website, please ensure your browser is up to date and has the latest version of software installed. Information regarding the type and version of internet browser you are using can be found in the browsers settings.

What will Happen if My Web Browser is Not Up to Date?
You may notice some features of the RSEA website may not work as intended, and in some cases may fall back to show more basic alternative content. Content that displays as a clickable interactive may appear as a simple table on an older browser. Older browsers may still work depending on their capabilities, however they may be sent to alternative content without the modern features.

I cannot place my order online

If you are unable to complete your order using RSEA Online, there maybe multiple reasons for this. Please Contact Us, including as much detail as possible about the problem you are encountering.

I have registered online but didn't get a confirmation email

If you did not receive your RSEA Online login details, please ensure that you entered the correct email address when registering online. Please also check your email junk folder to ensure that the notification email did not redirect there. You should be able to still login using the details you originally entered. If you are unable to locate your login details please Contact Us.

I have forgotten my password

Please use the Forgot Password function to reset your password via email. You will receive an automated email with instructions on how to reset your password.

My email address has changed, can I update my login?


Corporate & trade customers – Please email to change your email address

Online customers - After login, navigate to 'My Account' and select 'My Details' which can be found on your Dashboard. You can modify your personal details including your notification email address from this page.

Still Experiencing Issues?

If you have ensured your web browser is up to date and are still experiencing issues, please Contact Us.