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Standing for long periods of time can be quite fatiguing. In order to keep employees focused on the job and not on their discomfort, you can lay down anti-fatigue mats in designated places such as reception areas and check-out counters. Get safety mats that have drainage holes built in to them for use in wet conditions. Aside from providing a bit of comfort, these wet/dry safety mats can also prevent slips and falls from occurring. But if you're looking for superior comfort in drier conditions, our anti-fatigue bubble mats are the way to go.You will always find the right matting for your workplace at RSEA Safety Online with our variety of gel, bubble, anti-fatigue, runners, entrance & laminate from trusted company Mat World.
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901899 Brushed Ribbed 0.9m x 1.5m Indoor Entrance Mat
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920071 Anti-Fatigue 0.9m x 1.5m Rubber Safety Mat
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