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Easy, no fuss ordering

RSEA Safety’s online responsive design and user interface makes it accessible on any Smartphone, Tablet, and PC for quick ordering of your company’s Workwear, Footwear, PPE & Workplace Safety needs, including Custom Embroidery.

Ordering multiple items is even faster with our 1-Click ‘Fast Entry’ function or save time by creating templates of your most commonly ordered items which you can share with co-workers arcoss your account.


Customised e-catalogues

Our online portal can give employees access to our global retail range or limit ordering to an online catalogue aligned to your contracted requirements which can include custom workwear and embroidery. We can also create different catalogues based on departmental logins.

In fact, our online system can be fully customized so you can alter delivery details, set user access, restrict product searches, restrict purchases, define entry pages, select confirmation emails, edit reference numbers and change personal details.


Order approvals levels

RSEA Safety Online caters for your organisational hierarchy to provide access to different staff purchasing levels, so you retain administrative control. Set ordering dollar value limits by employee which then require approval by one or more authorised managers or team members, allowing you to manage uniform budgets and control spending.

The system is seamlessly integrated in 'real time' to RSEA Safety’s inventory management and accounts receivable module which facilitates pricing, stock codes, descriptions & pictures and ensures information accuracy.


Integrate your procurement system

We provide 'PunchOut' solutions so that orders can be integrated directly from your ERP, allowing you to purchase through our website without leaving your procurement system - reducing time spent on multiple systems.

Open Catalogue Interface (OCI) is the standard format we use to connect external PunchOut catalogues which maps a customer's catalogue and shopping cart, to ensure that data is transferred accurately and completely between source and receiver. RSEA also supports cXML PunchOut format.


Order, manage & pay invoices online

Your ordering process can be managed from order placement to payment of invoices within one simple platform. Track the processing of your orders and get notified when they are shipped. Staff can even choose to collect from our retail store network!

Connect payments to one or multiple accounts and even allow payment via credit card for different login levels for cash transactions.

To ensure you have full visibility of ordering, cross check invoices and pay account orders through the same portal. Pay single or multiple invoices using several payment options.




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RSEA Safety is the most trusted safety business in Australia, delivering what you need, when you need it – because there can be no compromise on safety.

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