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First Aid Solutions at RSEA Safety Online - The Safety Experts
A safe workplace must consist of first aid equipment. No matter how safe you think you are, accidents can always happen. We can assist by providing new solutions, or refills for existing first aid kits and accessories. You will always find the right first aid solutions at RSEA Safety Online with our variety of solutions including first aid kits, hand sanitiser, snake bit kits, eye irrigation, wash stations, bandages, antiseptic spray, sharps containers & more, and all from the brands you trust like Brenniston, Germbuster™ and Trafalgar.

- What type of first aid solution do you need? -

Your workplace may require a first aid room facility if the following are true:

A construction site with more than 100 employees, or any workplace with more than 200 employees.

Where the hazard identification and risk assessment process indicates a first aid room is needed.

Each state in Australia provides direction and/or a method of determining your first aid needs.

Special Purpose Kits

Some job sites and workstations may be subject to more specific risks that general first aid kits can't cater for.


For such situations, RSEA also stock kits designed for specialised medical emergencies, such as burn stations, eye wash stations and snake bite kits, as well as kits dedicated for minor wounds.