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Call RSEA HIRE on 13 24473 for a quote or to discuss your specific hire needs. For your next event or traffic management project, hire VMS & Electronic Signage from us. Short term or long term hire available with great weekly vms hire rates. Our RSEA Safety Hire team provide a full service from set up of messages to installation and return of vms boards.
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ARRO Directional Arrow Boards (C Class)
SPOB Speed Advisory Boards
VMLA Variable Message Sign "C" 400mm Amber Board
VMLC Variable Message Sign "C" 400mm Colour Board
VMMA Variable Message Sign "B" 320mm Amber Board
VMMC Variable Message Sign "B" 320mm Colour Board
VMSA Variable Message Sign "A" 200mm Amber Board
VMSC Variable Message Sign "A" 200mm Colour Board
VSLS VSLS Colour Variable Speed Limit Sign

Make road safety a key priority on your job site by hiring electronic traffic equipment from RSEA Safety Hire. Unlike other hire companies, RSEA Safety Hire is solely focused on road safety. This means we provide the right expertise and the right equipment, including light towers, variable message boards, portable traffic lights, variable speed limit signs and directional arrow boards for your project today.         


What equipment is used in traffic control?

Traffic control equipment is a key safety component of every worksite, including roadworks, construction, demolition, or vegetation management. As the largest independent safety business in Australia, RSEA has a large range of traffic equipment suitable for all sites and to keep your workers safe for hire including:

Innovative traffic equipment solutions

RSEA’s traffic equipment for hire is part of the extensive product range that helps you meet the safety needs and requirements of your business or event. We proudly supply the latest equipment with a focus on innovation, and quality products at affordable prices. Our range of electronic traffic equipment for hire includes:

The main purpose of hiring electronic traffic equipment is to control traffic and manage the safety of drivers, workers, as well as pedestrians. Our electronic traffic equipment for hire also has the following additional benefits:

  • Flexible - Our equipment is easy to move around as most equipment is trailer-mounted and highly portable.
  • Controllable - Need to change your message halfway through the day? Easy. Our equipment is easy to use and highly adjustable and our team are always there to help.
  • Low running costs - Our equipment is either solar-powered or uses highly efficient diesel engines, meaning that running costs are kept to the absolute minimum.
  • Safety features - Our electronic traffic equipment has built-in safety features keeping ensuring your workers deploy the equipment safely.
  • Expertise - Just ask our trained staff of road safety experts. We’ll always point you in the right direction.

RSEA has a team of safety specialists that can help you get the most out of your electronic traffic equipment, and all your safety gear. Contact us and we can advise you on what you need for your job.

Electronic traffic management signs

For some jobs, regular static road signs may be enough to manage traffic, especially in smaller towns or quieter areas. But choosing an electronic traffic management sign such as an arrow board or variable message board gives you a few distinct advantages on your job or roadwork site, such as:

  • Message flexibility
  • Changing speed limits
  • Choice of sizes
  • Single or multi-colour messaging
  • Clear, standout instructions

What is a VMS board?

VMS boards, also referred to as VMS panels MS signs,  or variable message signs are an important part of RSEA’s large for-hire traffic management equipment range. They allow you to put any safety message on them, giving road users vital information on traffic conditions or roadworks. But a portable VMS trailer is also a great way to advertise your business or an upcoming event.


Our VMS boards are fully solar powered, meaning zero running costs and very easy to use and customize messages on. They are available as amber or colour boards and in three different sizes. Furthermore, they can be affixed with radar to become a speed signs, providing traffic speed information to drivers as part of traffic management control.


LED lighting towers

Make your work site safer by using our highly efficient LED lighting towers. LED lighting towers are also a great option for night-time events and festivals or temporarily overcoming safety issues in car parks. They are:

  • Economical - LEDs use far more power than regular bulbs and the diesel engines running them consume only 0.55 litres per hour with a running time of over 200 hours. Have them on all night with little fuss.
  • Multi-directional - Create 360-degree lighting with ease.
  • Ultra-bright - The 6 x 160w LED lamps illuminate over 4,200m2 (129,600 lumens)   
  • Loaded with safety features - Including an extra low voltage system, no crush points and automatic mast-lowering if the handbrake is released.
  • Easy to use - Our lighting towers have an auto or manual mode as well as a light sensor mode.


All of these features contribute to better safety and easier management on your site. Set, forget, and get the job done.

Portable traffic lights

Portable traffic signals are a critical traffic management tool used for roadworks that require traffic control when standard traffic lights are not available or when road maintenance work is being conducted with limited space. Alternatively, they can be used for traffic control during events. Our trailer-mounted traffic lights are solar-powered and therefore completely maintenance-free once set up. They are easily transported together as one connected unit and separated and set up at the site. They can also be set up as a 3-way or 4-way configuration.  The benefits include:

  • Simple - Easy to transport and easy to set up once at the site.
  • Expertise - Our RSEA Hire staff can handle the initial setup for your requirements.
  • Durable - These traffic lights are designed to handle the toughest worksite conditions.
  • Sustainable and low-cost - Our trailer-mounted traffic lights are 100% solar-powered.
  • Multiple configurations - These traffic lights can be set up as 2-way, 3-way or 4-way systems.

RSEA Safety Hire also has a fleet of “Type 1” e-STOP tripod-mounted battery-powered traffic lights. These are extremely portable, easy to set up and are used for temporary short-term roadworks. Our e-STOPs are designed to replace stop/slow batons with a remote-controlled traffic lantern, enabling traffic controllers to perform duties away from live traffic.


The benefits include:

  • A safer site - Trials and case studies have shown a 93 per cent reduction in near misses on sites with portable traffic signals.
  • Robust - Built to last and can handle any weather conditions.
  • Secure - Built-in encryption to keep you in control at all times. Features to prevent simultaneous green signals.
  • Simple to install - One-person setup and easy to use and move.
  • Extra options - Optional wireless remote and vehicle detector if needed.

Speed limit signs and speed advisory boards

Controlling speed during roadworks is a key part of any safety plan, and at RSEA Safety Hire we have speed limit signs and speed advisory boards to help you do just that. Promote the legal speed and record the actual speed of drivers, to both reduce motorists’ speed and reward safe driving. Speed advisory boards are also a great option near schools or busy CBD areas to help change behaviour. They offer:

  • Easy programming
  • Portability being trailer-mounted.
  • Online connectivity

Contact us for a quote today

If you need more information about any of the products listed above or want a quote, contact us today. You can call RSEA Safety Hire Australia at 132HIRE. You can also request a quote online. We also have hire yards in every state of Australia.