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Call RSEA HIRE on 13 24473 for a quote or to discuss your specific hire needs. Crowd Control Barriers are used at events of all sizes and are essential queue systems that make crowd control easy. Quick and efficient to install making the barriers a perfect solution for all situations. These are ideally suited for use at sporting events, concerts, public gatherings, construction sites or any area you need to divert foot traffic or keep the public away. Short term or long term hire available with great weekly hire rates. For advice and a full installation service on your next traffic management project, reach out to RSEA Safety Hire.
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Choose RSEA Safety Hire for all your crowd control and pedestrian barrier equipment and help make your event a success. Our range of hire products includes metal and plastic control barriers that are flexible, adaptable, and of great value. 


What is crowd control?

Crowd control is all about looking after the safety of your valuable attendees by controlling and managing their movement thus making sure your event or site runs as smoothly as possible. Large crowds require conducting risk assessments and a focus on public safety, whether it’s a sporting event, worksite function, public celebration, or music festival. There are three main aspects of crowd control:

  • Staff - From ushers and security guards with security licences to First Aid experts.
  • Planning - Managing security risk situations, such as crowd control and managing queues is an important part of any event planning.
  • Infrastructure - Equipment such as traffic and crowd control barricades and signs can make a big difference to your event.

RSEA can help you find the right infrastructure to help make crowd control at your event as easy as it can be.


Carefully planned and managed Crowd control will ensure your event goes smoothly and the crowd or audience is safe and well-catered for. At its extreme, it’s about supervising a crowd of people and establishing queue systems to maintain order and prevent any poor behaviour, crushes, or even riots. As well as what is mentioned above, if you’re planning an event, think about these possible crowd control actions:

  • Stagger finish times to avoid bottlenecks at exits
  • Ensure transport is accessible at key exit points
  • Create multiple exits
  • Communicate clearly to ensure your audience knows how to behave and where to go

What are the different types of crowd control & event equipment?

RSEA Safety Hire has a range of different crowd control & event management equipment for hire at affordable prices, right across Australia. Discover our:

  • Crowd-control barriers - A low-cost and effective way to direct people and manage queues at events, concerts, public gatherings, or construction sites.
  • VMS boards -  Create any message you want to stand out in a crowd.
  • Portable traffic lights - Manage event traffic safely and keep your pedestrians safe.
  • Anti-Gawk Screens: Separate event sections or create boundaries.
  • Delineator barriers - Water-filled plastic barricades are a quick and easy way to restrict access and offer low-cost installation for speeds under 20 km/h
  • Safety road barriers - Separate vehicles from the crowd and keep pedestrians safe with these crash-rated barriers.
  • Light towers - Illuminate your events effectively at night and at low cost.
  • Signage - Get clear messages out to your audience.
  • Health and hygiene - Safety also means sunscreen, hand cleaner, and insect protection.
  • Bollards and delineators - Flexible and affordable ways to keep your crowd on track.

Hiring crowd control equipment

Hiring traffic and crowd control equipment from RSEA is the most affordable way to help make your event a success. As the market leader in safety, when you choose RSEA Safety Hire, you’ll benefit from our:

  • Experience & in-house expertise
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Extensive product range
  • Quality equipment
  • Installation services
  • Simple hire process
  • Commitment to safety

Types of crowd control barriers

As anyone in the events or security industry will tell you, a good barrier can make a big difference. RSEA’s crowd control barriers are fast and easy to setup, and perfect for any area where you need to divert pedestrians or protect the public. Choose:

Pedestrian & delineation barriers

Pedestrian & delineation barriers are all about safely diverting people from one place to another or keeping the public out of unsafe areas. These are more robust barricades which are water-filled and are intended for use where traffic speed limits are unlikely to exceed 20 km/h or as containment fences. Applications include events, carparks, pedestrian delineators, road closures, containment fencing and construction sites.  RSEA offers the following pedestrian delineators:

  • Arrow Delineator Barrier
  • Rhino Delineator Barrier
  • Armorzone Delineator Barrier

Crowd control signage for events

Signage also plays an important role in ensuring a crowd is well informed and behaved during an event. From instructing people where to go, to highlighting areas and behaviour to avoid, they form an essential part of crowd control at events. RSEA has a range of different signs for sale that can tie in seamlessly with your event, including:

Contact us for a hire quote today

Contact us today online or in-store to find out more about any of our crowd control products. We have hire yards across Australia, from Perth to Melbourne. You can also send in an online quote request or call us at 132HIRE and we can organise a quote for delivery to you.