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Traffic Mirrors at RSEA Safety
Vehicles can pose a potential hazard, but traffic safety mirrors can improve visibility in high risk zones. Forklift operators working in factories and warehouses can also avoid crossing paths with oncoming foot traffic and other obstructions with the aid of well-placed safety mirrors. Keep in mind that accidents in these places means damaged goods and lost productivity, all of which cost money. Safety mirrors come in a wide range of sizes. Larger mirrors can be placed farther away while still providing good visibility. A good rule of thumb to follow is that you should at least have 50mm of mirror surface area for every 1 metre of effective viewing distance that you require. For example, a 300mm safety mirror can be placed up to 6 metres away from the viewer, while a 600mm mirror can be viewed from distances of up to 12 metres. You will always find the right traffic mirrors at RSEA Safety Online with our variety of economy, heavy duty & premium solutions.
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20022 Economy Outdoor Convex Mirror 45cm (With Wall Bracket)
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20029 Convex Mirror Mirror Std OD w/ visor 1000mm suits 50,60,76mm post 6495P
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20094 Convex Mirror Mirror Economy Outdoor 600mm Wall Mount 6350W
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