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Safety humps are a type of traffic calming device similar to speed bumps, rumble strips, chicanes, speed cushions and speed tables. These safety measures are designed to significantly slow down a vehicle as it approaches speed restricted areas and zones where one must drive carefully. Installing safety humps significantly increases road safety and requires no human intervention to work effectively. You will always find the right road safety solutions at RSEA Safety and if an item is not available online, view our Safety Catalogue and call 132 100 to place an order.
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375052 Envirorubber Cable Protector
375056 Envirorubber Heavy Duty Speed Hump Tapered End
39000 Truckline Breakdown Warning Triangles 3 Pack
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480006 Hessian Sand Bag 860 x 360mm
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535092 12V Amber Flashing Plastic Long Bolt Hazard Lamp
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60498 Stop Slow Baton 450mm with Wooden Handle
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60937 Multi Message Orange PVC Flag with Wooden Handle 300 x 300mm
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60971 Stop Slow Baton 450mm with Aluminum Handle
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110000 Barrier Security Slo Motion 1000mm Steel Speed Hump SM1000
110003 Barrier Security Speed Hump Heavy Duty Steel Slo-Motion SM1000HD
110006 Barrier Security Cable Hump Rubber 3 Channel 900x500x50mm CP3BODY
110094 Barrier Security Heavy Duty Steel Speed Hump End Caps (Pair) SMSEC
1235018 Red Flashing Traffic Wand/Baton
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335023 2500mm Barrier Board
375047 Envirorubber Speed Cushion 1500x600x30mm Black
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