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Our customer facing culture is evident in all that we do!


Local Personalised Service

In an industry that is notorious for poor service, RSEA Safety is over-investing in our service model. Clients can expect and demand a high-touch service offer from RSEA Safety. Our customer service team for example is physically located in every state including W.A, N.T and far north QLD. While others have down-played the importance of this role by centralising, we believe that local personalised knowledge best serves our customers in times of need.

This customer facing culture is evident in all that we do. No part of our business is far removed from our customer’s needs. This translates into a culture that is continually working with customers to improve service and efficiency. Everyone is expected to partake in this journey, from senior management to our embroidery teams, every element of our customer’s experience is constantly being monitored.


Engaged National Team

Experiences in the stores and major customer solutions are commonly shared across the RSEA team, due to the smaller, more agile and tighter team environment found in a private company.

Issues commonly found in larger, complex organisations such as bureaucracy, poor customer focus and long response times are rare within RSEA. This allows for greater engagement with market leading manufacturers to work towards innovative ways to solve customer issues.


Workplace Safety Expertise

RSEA Safety remains the industries true Workwear & PPE specialist, continually attracting the countries best local talent. This singular focus has allowed us to build a PPE team with unrivalled industry experience.

We provide access to a team of Australia’s leading authorities on safety PPE working for our customers and keeping them abreast of upcoming changes. Our team have experienced and work to offer solutions to the many challenges faced by our customers.




  RSEA Safety Capabilities

RSEA Safety is the most trusted safety business in Australia, delivering what you need, when you need it – because there can be no compromise on safety.

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