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Guide to AUS/NZ Eye Protection Standards

Wearing the correct eye-wear PPE for your workplace needs is paramount in decreasing the risk of associated injury. The Australian standards offer advice on the selection, care and use of occupational protective eyewear and are the best source of information to keep your workplace safe. The standards below refer to potential hazards such as ultraviolet radiation, chemical splashing, dust, and harmful gasses or vapours.

AS/NZS 1336

Recommended Practices for Occupational Eye Protection

Standard AS/NZS 1336 details information for the selection, care and use of eye protectors worn in occupational environments to protect the eyes against hazards, such as dust, splashing materials and molten metals, harmful gases, vapours and aerosols, high-intensity radiation generated during welding operations and furnace work.

Furthermore this standard details the recommended methods for elimination or control of eye hazards, provides recommendations for the use of eye protectors which comply with the relevant Australian/New Zealand Standards, and contains basic details for the development of eye safety programs. Additional guidance is provided for manufacturers and dispensers of prescription lenses on the requirements for production of prescription personal eye protectors.

This Standard addresses hazards arising from normal occupational processes. It does not address hazards resulting from machinery malfunction and misuse.

Standards Australia AS/NZS 1336 Recommended practices for occupational eye protection - SAI Global.

AS/NZS 1337.1

Personal Eye Protection - Eye and face Protectors for Occupational Eye Protection

The objective of Standard AS/NZ 1337. 1 is to provide tests and requirements for eye and face protectors to be used occupationally.

Standards Australia AS/NZ 1337. 1 Personal eye protection Eye and face protectors for occupational eye protection - SAI Global.

AS/NZS 1338.1

Filters for Eye Protectors - Part 1: Filters for Protection Against Radiation Generated in Welding and Allied Operations

This Standard specifies requirements for filters used in eye protectors intended to provide protection against radiation of high intensity emitted during welding and allied operations.

Standards Australia AS/NZS 1338.1 Filters for eye protectors Part 1: Filters for protection against radiation generated in welding and allied operations - SAI Global.

AS/NZS 1338.2

Filters for Eye Protectors - Part 2: Filters for Protection Against Ultraviolet Radiation

This Standard specifies requirements for filters used in eye protection against ultraviolet radiation.

Standards Australia AS/NZS 1338.2 Filters for eye protectors Part 2: Filters for protection against ultraviolet radiation - SAI Global.

AS/NZS 1338.3

Filters for Eye Protectors - Part 3: Filters for Protection Against Infra-Red Radiation

The objective of this Standard is to specify the requirements for filters used in eye protection against infra-red radiation.

Standards Australia AS/NZS 1338.3 Filters for eye protectors Part 3: Filters for protection against infra-red radiation - SAI Global.