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PPE: Respiratory Protection

If you work in an environment where oxygen levels are low or where normal breathing is not possible due to the presence of harmful substances, you will need respiratory devices. You will find all the respiratory Personal Protection Equipment to help protect yourself, starting from basic disposable PPE to specialised respiratory equipment (including smoke, gas and particle filters for respiratory masks).

Safety Work Gloves

Our PPE range also offers a wide selection of hand protection. The range covers not only basic disposable safety gloves, but also leather, synthetic and cotton gloves. There are different types of gloves all for specific uses including chemical resistant, mechanical, temperature resistant and welding specific. The majority of the gloves are a one size fits all, and come in specific sizing and colours, so they fit your perfectly.

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Quick Hydration

Did you know that there are quicker ways to hydrate than drinking water? Sqweeze pops are designed to provide you with quick hydration and they also replenish the electrolytes and minerals needed for re-hydration and are available in various flavours, including orange, berry, lemon, cherry and grape. 

Knee Pads

One of the most popular body protection items are knee pads. People who need to crawl on their knees often for their job, really need this type of protection to prevent damaged over a period of time.

Ear Protection

Using hearing protection equipment will provide you with extra benefits such as noise reduction, elevated comfort and continuous wear. The level of PPE can vary from low to medium noise levels, suitable for landscaping to industrial work.