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JUSTRITE Horizontal 207L Flammable Liquid Drum Cabinet AU25662

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All cabinets come complete with the correct placarding in accordance to the standard.

Justrite state of art Powder Coat paint finish provides unsurpassed quality and performance. After the cabinets are cleaned and dried, an electrostatic charge magnetically attracts powder paint for complete coverage. The cabinets are then conveyed through a 190ƒ Celsius oven, which melts and fuses the powder to create a superior no-drip, high gloss finish that resists solvents, acids and alkalies and minimises the effects of corrosion and humidity. The durable finish can withstand twice the abrasive type abuse as other types of finishes.

  • 2 Door drum cabinet
  • 207L capacity
  • 168kg weight
  • Dimensions: 138.5cm x 76.5cm x 122.5cm
  • New Sure-Grip Flush Mounted Handle
  • Reflective Signage
  • Key Lock
  • Fusible Link - Clip Doors Open
  • Three Way Locking Mechanism
  • Option for Padlock
  • Sequential Closing Doors “Indexed”
  • Close-by secure time-saving storage
  • FM Approved

Locking Mechanism: Justrite provides a durable locking mechanism, three-point locking with fail-safe closing mechanism. The locking bars are specially developed to avoid bending and distortion providing a distinct locking benefit.

All cabinets are fitted with Self Closing a right-hand door to close.

Full-length door piano hinge provides a durable scaled barrier to cabinet contents.

Adjustable Levelling Feet at all four corners assures proper alignment for tight door closure on uneven floors (A feature exclusive to Justrite).

Shelving design permits the ventilation throughout the cabinet and Justrite's unique design incorporating troughs in each shelf collects spill and directs these away from contaminating products stored on the lower shelves. Shelves are adjustable incremental (55 mm) inside the cabinet to assist in the arrangement of various sized containers. The Corrosive cabinets have a ribbed polyethylene tray factory fitted to the shelves to collect any spillage

Sump and Containment: Each cabinet is provided a standard with 150 mm deep sump to contain spills or leaks within the cabinet.

Self Closing Mechanism is housed in the roof design of the cabinets. This provides an additional area within the cabinet for storage and avoids damage and alignment disorder. Cabinet closure rates are easily adjusted by the removal of four self-tapping screws.

Double Wall thermal barrier. 1.2 mm sheet steel thickness with 40 mm wall spacing.

All Justrite Cabinets are fire tested and approved by FM Laboratories: The Factory Mutual testing laboratories are recognised as the world leader in testing products to ensure that they comply fully to the relevant standard. All Justrite cabinets not only comply, but also exceed the requirements of the standard, something no other manufacturer in Australia has achieved.

All Justrite Cabinets are covered by a Ten-year guarantee.

Compliance: AS1940:2004

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