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Crash Barriers & End Treatments at RSEA HIRE
Call us for a quote on 13 24473 or to discuss your specific hire needs. Safety Crash Barriers keep vehicles within their roadway and prevent vehicles from colliding with each other and dangerous obstacles such as boulders, buildings & walls. They are also installed within medians of divided highways to prevent errant vehicles from entering the opposing carriageway of traffic and help to reduce head-on collisions. To make sure they are safe and effective, traffic barriers undergo extensive simulated and full scale crash testing before they are approved for general use.
Grid List
1085055 DB80 Concrete Safety Barriers - 2m
1085056 DB80 Concrete Safety Barriers - 6m
1095073 Zoneguard™ Temporary Metal Crash Barrier
Select colour / size
1095075 TAU 11 End Treatment
Select colour / size
1095081 Universal TAU-M™ End Treatment
20001DB T-Lok Safety Barriers - 5.4m
20002DB T-Lok Safety Barriers - 3.6m
50001LB Lo-Ro™ Water-Filled Safety Barriers (Barrier)
50002LG Lo-Ro™ Anti-gawk Screen
50003LS Lo-Ro™ SLED End Treatment
6013 Triton Crash Barriers
Select colour / size
6056 Zoneguard™ Anti-Gawk Screens
Select colour / size
6059 Absorb 350 Impact Attenuator End Treatment
Select colour / size
6112 Armorzone TL1 Barrier
Select colour / size
6113 Armorzone TL1 End Treatment Barrier
6114 Armorzone TL1 Gawk Fence Panel
Select colour / size
7425 ABSORB – M™ Impact Attenuator End Treatment

When you hire temporary roadside safety barriers for your road work site from RSEA Safety Hire, we put the safety of your workers and the public first.  RSEA Safety Hire offers the full range of concrete, steel & plastic water-filled safety barriers and associated end treatments to suit every project condition as well as expert advice to help determine what’s right for your project needs.


What is a temporary roadside safety barrier?

 Safety barriers can make a big difference on your worksite.  These sturdy barriers are designed and tested to comply with the highly stringent Australian road safety standards and create a physical barrier that keeps your roadside employees safe from errant vehicles whilst minimizing damage to vehicles. At RSEA Safety Hire, we have a range of different kinds of safety barriers to help you meet your project’s safety requirements. The advantages of hiring our safety barriers include:

  • Different types of barriers are available for different applications (steel, concrete, plastic water-filled)
  • MASH-rated and approved for use in all states and on all roads
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Tough and sturdy designs
  • Rated for different speeds
  • Affordable
  • Available with associated end treatments, anti-gawk screens, and angles to suit any road condition

RSEA provides in-house expertise in helping to select the appropriate barrier for your requirement as well as installing services.

What are safety barriers used for?

Heavy-duty safety barriers really come into their own as part of a traffic control plan at roadworks. They can help in traffic redirection and prevent errant cars and trucks from colliding with worksites. They’re also useful in keeping traffic away from larger obstacles such as road slips or building works where you may need both a strong barrier and something that can absorb shock on impact.  Safety barriers can be used alongside other kinds of road safety equipment such as:

The importance of Temporary Roadside safety barriers

Road safety barriers are all about one thing - protection. Whether you’re on a worksite, roadworks, or even managing a carpark, traffic barriers are critical. RSEA is a trusted name in safety across Australia, both in terms of our product range and our service commitment. That’s why our barriers undergo rigorous crash testing and road authority approvals before they’re approved for hire by us. They’re designed to protect:

  • Workers
  • Motorists
  • Pedestrians
  • General public

Types of safety barriers

At RSEA Safety Hire, we have a range of different safety barriers for hire. Their quality, safety features, ease of installation, and affordability, from the leading such as Zoneguard, Lo-Ro, Armorzone, T-LOK, and Deltabloc, provide excellent value for your business. Choose from:

  • Steel safety crash -  they deliver superior protection where the lowest barrier deflection and high road speed ratings are required whilst minimizing your installation and transportation costs.
  • Concrete safety barriers – a versatile barrier offering low deflection that can handle a variety of roadside conditions and is especially useful when anchoring into the ground is not an option.
  • End treatment - These crash cushions are attached to the ends of safety barrier runs and are designed to absorb the impact of vehicle collisions, providing critical protection for road-site workers and drivers. There are two types of end treatments: gating (Absorb-Ms) and non-gating (TAU-Ms)  
  • Water-filled - Highly versatile, lightweight, and easy to manoeuvre, these barriers are ideally suited for short-term and urban requirements.  
  • Anti-gawk screens. For Use on top of temporary safety barriers and providing protection from debris and minimizing the visibility of worksite activities.

What are end treatments?

End treatments are a critical component of any barrier system whose primary function is to increase the safety of occupants of an errant vehicle impacting a barrier or roadside hazard by absorbing the kinetic energy of an impact.  They attach to the end of steel, plastic, or concrete barriers and are available as gating (non-anchored) systems for lower speeds and non-gating (anchored) systems for higher speeds allowing for a controlled redirection of a vehicle. They are placed in locations where head-on or angled impacts are likely to occur. As a key part of any roadwork project, RSEA has three available for hire:

  • Absorb-M Impact Attenuator – easy-to-install gating end treatment approved for road speeds of up to 80 km/h.
  • TAU-M end treatment – rated to speeds up to 100 km/h, TAU-Ms are fully re-directive anchored crash cushions.
  • Lo-Ro SLED end treatments – these are for use with our Lo-Ro plastic water-filled TL-2 rated barriers.

RSEA’s end treatments are approved to Australian and New Zealand MASH safety standards, rated up to 100 km/h, are delivered fully assembled, and can be installed by your local RSEA Hire team in compliance with local road authority and manufacturer requirements.

Benefits of Water-filled safety barriers

Water-filled safety barriers are an affordable and portable way to provide protection for pedestrians, drivers, and workers in and around your work zone and are especially suited for short-term and highly urban work zones. Constructed out of durable polyethylene features include:

  • Fully crash-tested and MASH-rated for use in all states and on all Australian and NZ roads
  • Single-pin operation
  • Low deflection
  • No external steel
  • Anti-gawk screen compatibility
  • Easy transportation, unloading and installation
  • Highly durable

Benefits of concrete safety barriers 

Temporary concrete safety barriers are a tried and tested barrier solution that has been providing protection to roadside workers and the Australian public for many years. These barriers typically have low deflections and have the benefit of not needing to be anchored into the ground, making installation easier in those places where anchoring into a foundation is not practical.

RSEA Safety Hire’s concrete barriers are fully MASH-rated, come in various sizes and provide a cost-effective barrier solution to suit most situations.


Benefits of steel safety barriers

Temporary steel barriers provide the latest in temporary safety barrier technology. They provide the lowest deflections (when anchored) and are therefore suited to conditions requiring the lowest barrier deflections or high road speed ratings. Additionally, they are far lighter than concrete barriers, meaning that transport and installation costs are far lower.


Our Zoneguard steel barrier offer market-leading low deflections in addition to highly cost-effective transport and installation.   Our barriers are the most tested in Australia. This means:

  • Tested to Mash TL3 and to road speed ratings of 100 km/h.
  • Lower deflections than any steel or concrete barrier in the market.
  • Cost-effective installation costs with market-leading install speeds.
  • Available in 4m sections and with angled sections to help achieve tight radiuses where required.

Our safety focus doesn’t start and end with high-quality safety barriers, or other road safety hire products. At RSEA, our service commitment to clients includes making your safety our priority. We have a team of more than 30 safety specialists across Australia to help you find the best products for your site. Check out our other road safety products and see for yourself.

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