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Glove Selection Sorted with Blue Rapta Rapta Flex

Glove Selection Sorted with Blue Rapta Rapta Flex

RAPTA FLEX: Protection You Can See

Companies face two major challenges when it comes to getting the right gloves. Balancing PPE costs against the level of hand protection, and choosing the right glove for the right application.  

Using a unique Protection Through Identification system and 4 Step Glove Selector, the new Rapta Flex range from Blue Rapta makes it easy to build a safety-first workplace culture while maintaining the right balance between high protection and cost.

Reduce Cost, Increase Protection

“Balancing price against the level of protection is one of the hardest challenges to overcome when choosing the right gloves” says Dan Richards, National Manager PPE RSEA Safety Australia. “Our customers are constantly going through this cyclical process of managing bottom line costs against the desire to build a safety-first culture in the workplace”

Protection Through Identification gives the right level of protection where it’s needed, allowing you to choose between inexpensive General Purpose or High cut and chemical Protection, simply by choosing between blue or red.

This identification process helps build a productive safety focussed culture, says Daniel. “Using easily visible colours, staff not only know if they’re covered, but teams can implement a buddy system, making it easy to check if a workmate is wearing the right gloves. If you’re working in an area which requires red High Protection gloves, and another worker is wearing blue General Purpose gloves, it’s easy to look out for your mates”

All red Rapta Flex gloves achieve a Cut Level 5 under the EN388:2003 Standard. They are also tested and classified to the EN388:2016 standard and achieve a level C or D rating.

Choose the Right Glove with 4 Simple Questions

Choosing the right glove improves safety and increases productivity.

“Matching the glove to the task means workers are wearing the best protection for the job” notes Dan Richards. “Wearing gloves designed for specific tasks makes for more effective work. Using simple systems to choose the right glove also makes safety education easier”

The Blue Rapta Glove Selector makes it easy to navigate through multiple protection and coating options, so that anyone can choose the right glove for the job. Simply decide whether you need cut protection or general purpose, choose wet or dry handling, pick what grip is required and decide between multipurpose or specific applications.

Try it out using the Glove Selector Matrix below: 

The Rapta Flex Range from Blue Rapta allows you to customise your protection levels across the workplace, without compromising on safety or cost. Build a productive safety-focused culture using the Protection Through Identification System. Save time and money by selecting the right glove in just four steps, and an easy 4 Step Glove Selector

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