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Pakaflex 1500x1000mm Printed Asbestos Bag

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Heavy duty 200um

Pakaflex Asbestos Disposal bags are made of high impact LDPE, thickness 0.2mm (200um) and have the appropriate warnings for packing asbestos waste in UV resistant red & black print that complies to AS1319 – Safety Signs for the Occupational Environment. These bags conform to the latest 2011 Safe Work Australia Code of Practice guidelines for the management and control of asbestos in workplaces under section 274 of the Work Health & Safety Act.

  • Size: 1500mm x 1000mm
  • Made from virgin resin no less than 200 microns thick
  • Red print 'Caution Asbestos, do not inhale dust' warning label
  • Printed to meet safe removal requirements

 Physical Properties


Test Method 

 Melting Temperature Deg. C 125 ISO 311357/03 
 Tensile Strength Machine Direction 11 start
26 ultimate
ASTM D882 
 Tensile Strength Transverse Direction MPa 10 start
23 ultimate
ASTM D882 
 Elongation at Break  % MD 610
TD 820
ASTM D882 
 Dart Impact Strength 330  ASTM D1709 
 Tear Strength MD TD N 5.2
ASTM D1922 

NOTES ON ASBESTOS BAG USE: (As regulations vary between countries, states, and local requirments, these notes are for guidance only and should only be considered in conjunction with the appropriate regulations and guidance in the local area.)

  • Controlled wetting of the waste should be employed to reduce asbestos dust emissions during bag sealing or any subsequent rupture of a bag
  • Only unused bags should be used, and bags marked for asbestos waste should not be used for any other purpose
  • Hard and sharp asbestos waste requires preliminary sealing or a protective covering before it is placed in the waste bags, to minimise the risk of damage to the bags
  • In order to further minimise the risk of a bag’s tearing or splitting, and also to assist in manual handling, asbestos waste bags should not be filled more than half full and excess air should be gently evacuated from the waste bag, in a manner that does not cause the release of dust
  • The bags should then be twisted tightly, folded over and the neck secured in the folded position with adhesive tape or any other effective method
  • The external surface of each bag should be cleaned to remove any adhering dust before the bag is removed from the asbestos work area
  • All asbestos waste should be double bagged outside the work area immediately following the decontamination process
  • A maximum weight of 25kg in any bag is recommended

As with all plastic films care should be taken with bags as they can be a trip and suffocation hazard. Bags are not flammable

This information is offered solely for your consideration, investigation, verification and shall not be construed as a warranty or representation for which Pakaflex Pty Ltd assumes legal liability; except to the extent that such liability is imposed by legislation and cannot be excluded.

Values quoted are provided by our polymer suppliers based on typical extrusion conditions. The product supplied may not conform in all respects. In using Pakaflex Pty Ltd's products, you must establish for yourself the most suitable formulation, production method and control tests, to ensure the uniformity and quality of your product in compliance with all laws.

Issued 28/06/2017

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