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Zoneguard at RSEA HIRE
Call RSEA HIRE on 13 24473 for a quote or to discuss your specific hire needs. RSEA Safety Hire has a large fleet of Zoneguard® temporary steel barriers. Zoneguard® barriers are lightweight, provide superior protection and are efficient to install. For advice and a full installation service on your next traffic management project, reach out to RSEA Safety Hire.
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RSEA Safety Hire has Australia’s largest fleet of Zoneguard steel portable safety barrier available for hire. Zoneguard steel barriers offer leading safety and protection for road and construction works. A great alternative to traditional concrete barriers, Zoneguard barriers offer improved safety and lower deflections, lower freight costs, rapid and easy to install, and very affordable to hire. 


Why choose Zoneguard?

Manufactured by Hill & Smith – a global leader in the infrastructure and workzone safety industry - Zoneguard portable temporary steel safety barriers entered the Australia market in 2012 and have been used on roads in Europe and the USA since 2008. Zoneguard is therefore one of the most extensively tested and established steel barrier systems in Australia. Zoneguard is MASH TL-3 rated and highly cost-effective due to low transport costs and rapid installation times. Being an anchored barrier, it is ideally suited to installations where high road speeds and/or low deflections are required, allowing maximum protection for workers within a work zone. Our certified team also offer a full installation service where required.


Other advantages to choosing Zoneguard from RSEA are:

  • Speed of installation
  • Can be installed for standard or low deflection requirements
  • Lower deflections offering superior protection
  • Great value
  • Portable & Lightweight offering low transport costs
  • Suitable for different foundation types
  • Large number of ancillary equipment including end treatments, angles, and gates
  • MASH-tested to conform to the latest crash-testing standards in all Australian states and territories
  • Durability


Superior deflection performance

Zoneguard barriers are rated to MASH TL-3, meaning they are approved for use on roads with speed ratings up to 100kmh in all Australian states and territories. MASH (Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware) is a set of testing procedures and safety guidelines that is used in Australia as the main crash-testing method for road safety barriers.


Zoneguard’s low centre of gravity and rigid cross-section produces industry-leading crash test performance. With a minimum deflection of only 0.13cm on concrete and 0.10cm on asphalt at impacts of 100kmh, Zoneguard offers the lowest MASH tested deflection of all temporary safety barriers in Australia. This translates directly to providing maximum protection for your road-side work crews.


Additionally, RSEA’s large range of ancillary equipment including mitred angled pieces, hinges and gates allow for deployment in tricky conditions, such as tight radiuses.


Benefits of steel barriers over other barrier types

Zoneguard steel safety barriers offer a multitude of advantages over other barriers. Zoneguard offers lower deflections and therefore superior safety compared to concrete barriers and plastic water-filled barriers, so in situations where workzone area is limited or where low deflection is critical (such installation next to an excavation or ditch), Zoneguard offers significant benefits. Every centimetre counts!


Additionally, the natural flexibility of steel Zoneguard barriers allows it to capture and redirect errant vehicles safely, reducing the risk of secondary impacts and increasing driver safety.


Compared to concrete, Zoneguard offers various low-cost benefits. The 12m Zoneguard barrier length accelerate deployment considerably over shorter concrete and plastic barriers, shortening installation timeframes.  Furthermore, a barrier weight of 1200kg means lower transport costs, especially compared to concrete barriers, which are approximately three times more expensive to transport due to their weight.


In summary, the benefits are:

  • Lower deflection equates to superior safety compared to concrete and plastic barriers
  • The length and ease of installation of Zoneguard shortens installation times, reducing project costs
  • The light weight of Zoneguard results in lower transportation costs reducing project costs compared to concrete and plastic
  • The characteristics of steel reduce the risk of secondary impacts increasing driver safety


Roadside safety products

The safety of your team and the general public is a key focus of RSEA. We sell and hire equipment from globally recognised brands that adhere to leading safety standards. When it comes to roadworks or projects that require road safety products, we have a large range of options in our stores and online, such as:

We also walk the walk when it comes to protection, with a team of hire safety specialists across Australia providing expert advice. They’re ready to help you get the right safety products for your worksite or event.

Consider Zoneguard anti-gawk screens

If you need to reduce the visibility of a site or protect the public from worksite debris, then consider Zoneguard anti-gawk screens. They’re made from MonoPan which are light but tough composite sandwich panels with a honeycomb core. The end result is:

  • Lightweight configuration
  • Easy installation with Zoneguard barriers
  • 3.9m x 1.2m panels
  • Designed to handle wind loading for regions A, B, W & C

End treatments

RSEA offers two types of MASH-approved end treatments for our Zoneguard barriers:

  • Absorb-M end treatments
  • TAU-M end treatments


The Absorb-M impact attenuator end treatment is a gating system designed for road speeds up to 80kmh. It offers exceptional portability and does not require any ground anchoring, making installation quick and easy. As a gating system, a clearzone is required when using the Absorb-M.


The TAU-M impact attenuator end treatment is non-gating and fully-redirective, therefore it is anchored into the ground and is designed for road speeds of up to 100kmh.


How we install Zoneguard barrier systems

Zoneguard barrier systems can make a significant safety impact on your work site and because they’re such a key piece of equipment, ensuring proper installation is critical. Unlike many other hire companies, RSEA offers full inhouse Zoneguard installation services, giving you peace of mind that the barrier has been installed correctly according to Road Authority approvals and manufacturer’s instructions. This ensures the barrier performs optimally, maximizing safety. Our expert installers ensure:

  •  Safe loading and unloading of Zoneguard is correctly installed according to the traffic management plan
  •  Barriers are installed in line with state-based approvals and manufacturer’s instructions
  • Installation is conducted with the correct anchoring embedment and spacing
  • Sign-off provided by an approved Installer

It’s also important before delivery to consider end treatments, attenuators, or anti-gawk screens. You can also hire these from RSEA Safety Hire.

Call RSEA Safety Hire for a quote

Contact RSEA Safety Hire today and get a quote for your Zoneguard or crash barrier requirements, including delivery. We’ll talk you through the right specifications or variants for your requirement. Call us on 132HIRE or visit any one of our safety yards across Australia to speak to one of our experienced team You can even request a quote online from anywhere at any time.