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COVID19 Delivery Impacts

Please note all couriers are experiencing delays to delivery up to a week.

19th November, 2020

As of midnight last night South Australia has gone into a major lockdown for 6 days.

Due to the nature of the lockdown, there may be delays in receiving parcels depending on your location and courier being used.

24th August, 2020

Please be advised that Sadleirs (freight + delivery) is currently experiencing an unprecedented amount of volume into Western Australia, this situation has been further compounded by a number of late rail services. Indications are that this spike will continue for the next few weeks.

Additional fleet and equipment have been introduced to assist the WA Operation and the WA Terminal is attempting to clear as much freight as possible, however there is a back log and Sadleirs is experiencing delivery delays as a result.

Please also note that some WA DC’s and Receivers are at or close to capacity and are pushing out loads which is also compounding the issue.

13th August, 2020

Over the next 4-5 weeks during the Victorian Covid lockdown there will be delays with freight in and out of Melbourne.

Under Government regulations all Melbourne carriers must decrease their depot staff meaning they will have up to 33% less staff to process freight.

As a result freight departing and entering Melbourne will have longer processing times which will unfortunately create delivery delays.

3rd August, 2020

Please be aware that Qantas Melbourne is closing its operations for 48 hours due to Covid -19.

As a result Startrack Air Services are affected and will be replaced by road linehauls during this period. This includes Perth bound freight which will have a minimum 3 day transit via road.

29th July, 2020

Due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in Victoria, further testing & safety measures have been put in place between the following borders:

  • VIC to NSW
  • VIC to SA
  • NSW to SA

The further testing & safety measures apply to all transport providers & may cause delays to the arrival of linehaul vehicles to their destination states.

We will continue to provide updates where possible.

15th May, 2020

Australia Post is working hard to move more parcels during these challenging times. We’re currently processing over 2 million parcels every day which is even greater than our busiest period at Christmas.

Cancelled flights, social distancing requirements and massive parcel volumes have led to significant domestic and international delivery delays.

We understand this may have caused a lot of frustration. We’re working hard to improve this for you by:

  • Processing parcels at our facilities 24/7
  • Putting on 15 temporary and re-purposed facilities to further increase our capacity
  • Chartering 8 extra freighter flights to help speed up delivery, totalling 17 dedicated air freighter flights per day
  • Onboarding hundreds of casual staff to help in the operations team and call centre to assist in managing the continued parcel delivery demand
  • Keeping nearly all our Post Offices open for you and your customers to collect parcels, and access agency banking and identity services at participating Post Offices
To get the most from the post, visit and thank you for your patience.

1st May, 2020

Please see advice from AUSTRALIA POST (& STAR TRACK) on current delays due to COVID19:

As you know, the last four weeks have been some of Australia Post’s busiest ever, as we work hard to process the large volumes of parcels coming through the network, with more people at home and jumping online for their shopping needs.

For information about changes to the letter service, up to date details on delays and impacts including any Post Office closures, please visit our website. Our people continue to work tirelessly under difficult and unprecedented circumstances to support you and your customers.

Thank you very much for your understanding and stay safe.

16th March, 2020

Please see advice from AUSTRALIA POST (& STAR TRACK) on changes to delivery practices in relation to the spread of coronavirus COVID19: