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Barrier Group was founded to provide high-quality workplace and pedestrian safety solutions. Starting with a single bollard designed to stop smash-and-grab burglaries at retail stores and warehouses, we have grown into Australia's leading physical environment safety solution provider with deep design, manufacturing and installation experience. There broad range of products and services covers all industries and safety requirements, and draws on our strong record of delivering reliable, effective and standards-meeting solutions to our clients.
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1096073 Barrier Security Pilot Caddy Dispenser
1096074 Barrier Security Caddy Dispenser Bracket
1096075 Barrier Security Pilot 75mm Cradle Only
1096076 Barrier Security Pilot 500ml Pump Clear Replacement Bottle (Pk 10)
1096077 Barrier Security Pilot Telescopic Multi-Post
110000 Barrier Security Slo Motion 1000mm Steel Speed Hump SM1000
110003 Barrier Security Speed Hump Heavy Duty Steel Slo-Motion SM1000HD
110006 Barrier Security Cable Hump Rubber 3 Channel 900x500x50mm CP3BODY
110058 Barrier Group Single Side Rubber Wheel Chock WC1
110094 Barrier Security Heavy Duty Steel Speed Hump End Caps (Pair) SMSEC
110182 Barrier Group Drop-Over Cable Protector CP1BODY
110189 Barrier Group 6m Red/White Port-a-guard Expandable Barrier Kit BPG600RW
110191 Barrier Group 3m Black/Yellow Port-a-guard Expandable Barrier Kit BPG300BY
110236 Barrier Group Anti-Slip Stair Nosing 1030x76x30mm BSN103075
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1040117 Barrier Group 10m Pilot with Red/White Belt
110309 Barrier Group Impact Protection Foam Buffer V-Shape ACS-1
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110322 Barrier Group Impact Protection Foam Buffer Rectangular ACS-2
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110457 Barrier Group Magna-Mount Bracket with Bungy and Belt Clip
930987 Barrier Security Pilot Base 20Kg Portable Post & Silver Base
930989 Barrier Security Pilot Cone Mount Adaptor Attachment
930986 Barrier Group Pilot Sign Holder with A5 Sign Pocket
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110346 Barrier Group 114mm Surface Mount Bollard C114SME
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110367 Barrier Group 140mm Below Ground Bollard C140BGE
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110371 Barrier Group "No Entry" Lok-up Space Protector LU-NE
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110310 Barrier Group Impact Protection Foam Buffer C-Shape ACS-4
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1040118 Barrier Group Pilot Sign Holder with A4 Sign Pocket
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110252 Barrier Group 114mm Below Ground Galvanised Bollard C114BGE-G
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110285 Barrier Security 90mm Core Drill Cam-Lok Bollard Sleeve BCL90S-CD
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110286 Barrier Security 90mm Concrete Cam-Lok Bollard Sleeve BCL90S-NC
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110054 Barrier Group Cam-Lok Removable Bollard BCL90
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