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Tradies Optimistic for Better 2021

Tradies Optimistic for Better 2021

25 January 2021

Tradies Optimistic for a Better 2021

In a recent survey of our RSEA Rewards members, 67% are optimistic that they will be better off from a work perspective in 2021. Most are hoping for more work and a return to ‘normal’.

2020 was significantly more difficult for our Victorian members and for labourers and business owners overall. Compared to the national result of 39%, in Victoria, 44% of respondents said they were ‘worse off’ vs the prior year. A massive 46% of business owners and 48% of labourers felt they were ‘worse off’.

“I was made redundant twice this year due to COVID. Once in stage 1 lockdown and again in stage 2. Was a big impact on my family”, Plumber, VIC

“Lockdown reduced my ability to get on certain sites, and limited access to some workplaces which left me without work”, Labourer, VIC

“It’s been rough as a labourer. Not much stability when booking in work”, Labourer, QLD

The challenges were the extreme movement and restrictions put in place to manage people to control the environment.”, Business owner, NSW

In true Aussie form, those most affected (worse off in 2020), remain the most optimistic about 2021 with 78% of labourers and 71% of Victorians believing they will be better off in 2021, vs the national 67%. Here are some thoughts on what our members are looking forward to in 2021:

“2021 is going to be amazing because it’s not 2020.”, Kasey, Builder, VIC

“There is an air of optimism and goodwill out there and Australians that’s what we need to hold on to”, Ken, Electrician, QLD

“Cold beers after work on a Friday arvo, interacting with other people”, Solomone, Driller, NSW

“A more productive year, weekends to look forward to adventuring.”, Allie, Labourer, VIC

In contrast, farmers are more cautious with only 51% believing they will be better off in 2021 vs last year.

Throughout the pandemic, all RSEA Safety stores remained open to provide essential PPE, sanitisers, and safety gear. As we all head back to work this year, we remain committed to helping our customers stay safe and productive in 2021.