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Safety and Brand: five essential questions for uniforms

Safety and Brand: five essential questions for uniforms

Combining Safety and Brand

Five Essential Questions to Ask When Choosing the Right Uniform

The best uniform is one that meets your Company’s Brand Image while providing a functional purpose. Ask these 5 essential questions before deciding on a uniform for your team.

Who will wear the uniform?

Customer facing employees, managers, maintenance staff and shift workers all require a different uniform depending on the role, requirement or risk.

Corporate wear must be neat and stylish, and remain neat for the whole day, while safety gear should prioritise functionality over style. Consulting employees who will be wearing the uniform can be valuable in deciding on a long-term outfit. They may offer valuable ideas on cuts, styles, materials or everyday function which haven’t been considered. In certain situations we recommend wearer trials prior to rollout.

Is the uniform fit for purpose?

Consider tasks, environment and hazards when choosing a uniform. In a factory setting, uniform non-slip shoes can keep workers from falling while clothing designed with room to move can accommodate daily manual handling tasks. When working outdoors, you can choose a more durable and protective material. In hot conditions, use garments with improved airflow and fabrics that wick away moisture. Site safety audits to identify risks and hazards may be an option.

Have you considered comfort?

A comfortable uniform comes from a combination of intelligent design, durable fabrics and a functional fit. Comfort helps with compliance and builds confidence in the uniform, while ensuring staff feel good about coming to work. Apart from physical comfort, employees need to feel emotionally comfortable with the uniform. For example, some members of the staff may not feel comfortable in shorts, as with tight fitting or heavy clothing.

Does your uniform meet Industry Standards?

Safety Standards reflect progress in science, technology and testing to ensure products are safe for use. Australian and New Zealand Standards set out the procedures and materials that must be used in workwear and footwear manufacture, and the established tests and performance results, to ensure it’s fit for purpose. When workers wellbeing depends on the safety of a product, it’s worth checking whether your uniform is up to scratch. 

What is your budget?

Frugality is important, especially for a growing business, but it needs to balanced with employee safety and your Brand image. Consider the quality of the garment — what it’s made of, what it looks like, and how long it will last. While low quality uniforms can cut costs, workwear designed for tough working environments will end up producing long-term savings due to wash and wear longevity, plus your team will look smarter for longer.

Talk to a Safety Specialist from RSEA Safety about our bespoke uniform options and how to choose the right uniform for your workplace.

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