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10 Reasons Why Earmuffs

10 Reasons Why Earmuffs

10 Reasons Earmuffs May Be Right For Your Hearing Conservation Program

When it comes to your team’s hearing, you need versatile, effective protection that doesn’t hinder them from getting the job done. Check out how earmuffs can help.

1. Clean & Easy On and Off
Dirty hands? Work gloves? Earmuffs are easy to put on and remove and hygiene isn’t a problem.

2. Shields Against the Cold
In cold weather, earmuffs help keep ears covered and warmer.

3. Comfortable to Wear
For some workers, earplugs can be unpleasant to wear. Earmuffs may be a good alternative.

4. Pairs with Earplugs for Dual Protection
Combining earmuffs and earplugs can provide as much as 10 dB of extra protection for very high noise exposures.

5. Simple Training Process 
An easier fit means you can spend less time training workers on proper fit and use.

6. May Better Accommodate Hearing Aids
Many users can wear hearing aids under earmuffs to help facilitate communication.

7. Highly Visible for Compliance Monitoring
It’s easy to monitor compliance because you can see who is wearing earmuffs even from a distance.

8. Reusable for Long Periods of Time
Earmuffs can be reused often, for as long as 3 years, when properly cleaned, stored and maintained.

9. PPE Compatibility
Many headband and attachment options allow workers to wear earmuffs with respirators, face shields and hard hats.*

10. Wide Range of Protection Levels
Many noise reduction options to match noise.


*PPE can interfere with the seal of the earmuff cushion and reduce the protection of the earmuff. Select PPE to minimize interference with earmuff cushion.