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AlcoLimit AlcoTrack Breathalyser ALCO-200

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The AlcoLimit AlcoTrack Standard Breathalyser is the latest workplace breathalyser providing a cost-effective breath alcohol testing solution for your workplace. Conforming to Australian Standards AS3547 ensures the accuracy, durability, and functionality of the AlcoTrack breathalyser has been thoroughly tested.

3 decimal point accuracy with a range of 0.000%BAC to 0.500%BAC. Recalibration every 6 months. No auto-shutdown feature allowing continued testing after the recalibration warning. Recommended for use in all workplaces, transport, construction, mining, airports, engineering manufacturing. Also recommended for use at public events, school formals, clubs, restaurants and where RSA guidelines are enforced. Ideal for screening all employees in safety-sensitive fields.

The AlcoLimit AlcoTrack provides fast and reliable results on the large display. It stores 100 test records for later reference with time and date stamp. There are no complicated menus. The AlcoLimit AlcoTrack breathalyser is ideal for small to medium workplaces requiring a cost-effective alcohol testing solution.

Simple, Intuitive Menu

The AlcoLimit AlcoTrack Breathalyser menu uses simple terms, a logical layout and is very easy to navigate.


The AlcoLimit WorkSafe Breathalyser handset allows for greater portability in the field, providing opportunities for on-site testing in remote locations or ‘incident-based’ circumstances.

Data Storage

The AlcoLimit AlcoTrack Breathalyser handset stores 100 test results at a time. The results cannot be downloaded so if you require a download feature we recommend the AlcoLimit WORKSafe Breathalyser instead.

Fast or Passive Mode

The AlcoLimit AlcoTrack Breathalyser uses a single disposable mouthpiece for each test. There is no fast or passive mode available on this model. For this option please choose the AlcoLimit WORKSafe Breathalyser instead.

In-built Safety and Precision Technologies

AlcoLimit's Flow Control Technology means that the sensor checks the flow rate of your breath and must receive an adequate air sample before it will provide you with a reading. This is just one of the safety measures built into the AlcoLimit range.

AlcoLimit's Intelli-sensor Recognition Technology checks the sensor condition every time you use your breathalyser. The stability of the sensor is analysed as well as the level of alcohol residue built-up on the sensor. An indication will be given if the sensor needs recalibration.

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