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Self Rescue at RSEA Safety Online - The Safety Experts
Self rescue respirators are portable appliances regenerating breathable air to help provide protection during an emergency escape from harmful gases. A cross between a gas-mask and a respirator, an emergency 'self rescue' respirator usually provides protection for under one hour and is used in many industries including mining and chemical. You will always find the right respiratory equipment at RSEA Safety Online with our variety of emergency products including breathing gas cylinder, chemicals producing oxygen or a combination of the two, and all from the brands you trust like 3M™, MSA, and Duram Mask.
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406743 MSA SSR 30/100 Escape Oxygen Self Rescuer 3100 1123701
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695891 3M™ Scott Safety Sigma 2 Type SCBA Marine Compliance Set SCBACOMP6T2
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